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Advanced Tickling How-To Video #1

Perfecting Parenthood Advanced How To TickleThis is a first for me, creating a how-to video.  I'm excited to present some of my extensive martial arts training in pressure points and combat psychology applied to the family in this video on advanced tickling.  Watch simple pressure point applications that will have your children or spouse rolling on the floor laughing with just a small touch or grab on any part of their body.  You will learn a couple of intermediate "surface tickles" and then we go into the pressure point instant-on hilarity of scientific combat tickling.  Please join me and two of my sons in this exciting adventure:


  1. Surface Tickles
    • Dad Special
    • Lamprey
  2. Muslce and Tendon Tickles
    • Inside Leg
    • Outside Leg
    • Forearm
    • Chest
    • Neck
    • Tongue




Hope you liked the post. Please do me a favour ...


I don't remember much from my

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I don't remember much from my dad while I was growing up.  What I do remember, though, is how he tickled us. He thought it was hilarious; I thought it was torture. :)

He'd wake me up first by taking all of the covers off the bed.  Then he'd grab my legs and pin them to his side.  Then he tickled my feet until I puked.  Ok, not until I puked, but I wanted to kick him in the face. And if I could have, I would have.  To this day people can't touch my feet or they run the risk of a broken nose.

Yeah, it sucked. But it made us both laugh and laugh and laugh.  I've never laughed so much as I did when my dad tickled my feet in the morning.



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That was one funny video. The way your boys just started laughing like mad was too funny. I think every dad has his own ticle arsenal and you just made mine even better...and more tactful!


Thanks for the share. Great video - great family!

Some of my favorite memories

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Some of my favorite memories are of my dad tickling me. He played a game where he would come home from work and dramatically say how tired he was and lay down on the sofa with his feet hanging over the arm. Then ask me to help him with his shoes. So I would take one of his enormous shoes off, and as soon as his foot was free he would start tickling me in the arm pit or under my chin with his toes, wherever he could reach. It tickled soooo much, and he kept it up while I eventually got the other shoe off. Then the game would REALLY start!

He sat up suddenly and grabbed my wrists with his hands and planted one foot right in the center of my chest with his toes up under my chin just above my collar bone, and holding me by the hands tickled and tickled. It was so ticklish, but loads of fun. You should include that technique on your next video! LOL