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Perfect Dad Interviewed on Right This Minute

Perfecting Parenthood Interviewed on Right This MinuteI just finished an interview with Right This Minute, who found me by my last video where me and the boys are causing a little mayhem at the grocery store with a shopping cart.  The interview was my first, and a lot of fun, but I didn't look quite as cool as I thought I would.  Not enough animation!  I'll be giving a speech early next year that may be televised so it was great experience!

If you're here because you saw me on the show then please have a look around, check out the top posts on the right, scroll down to learn how to escape from a maze and do black-belt tickling, leave a comment or two, and subscribe to my feed.

By the way, when they asked me if it was hard to raise four kids I forgot to mention that my wife is the real reason that they get raised so well.  Thanks Perfect Mom!


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