About Perfecting Parenthood

About Perfecting Parenthood

Perfecting Parenthood is a site where a Mom and a Dad discuss what does and what doesn't help parenting.  We are a thirty-something, middle-class couple with three children and two dogs who live in the suburbs.  We have a lot of adventures! So far, we've moved three times since we had our first child.  Right now we live in Montreal, Quebec where the language is French.  Mom and Dad and the Grandparents are Polish, so our children are gearing up to be tri-lingual.

We believe that parents can affect the outcome of their children.  Parents are the difference between a good child and bad child, a "smart" or an "average", one with big opportunities or an unlucky under-achiever.  There are some subtleties though.  We certainly were surprised at times at the outcomes we saw, and the reasons are not what you'de think.

About Mom

Mommy and Firstborn

Mom is a practicing teacher, and has been for over 10 years.  She is also studying Educational Psychology at McGill University in Montreal.  Mom is interested in how children learn, especially how they make mistakes and how those mistakes can be corrected.

Mom was born in Warsaw, Poland and came to Canada with nothing.  Her parents, both scientists, raised her very well and she excelled at school because of the "European" focus on learning.  Her family returned to Poland after the fall of communism, but returned again, again with nothing.

She earned top honours in the Bachelor's of Science joint Mathematics and Science degree, after which she taught at her mother's private school.  She earned a Master of Teaching degree and continued to teach until moving to Montreal, where she became interested in Educational Psychology.

Mom also runs a company and a website that creates learning materials, including games and puzzles, home schooling tutorials, and a website called Nucleus Learning.  Check out the website.

Mom also helps find real estate for the family's investment business.


About Dad

Dad is a Senior Manager of Financial at a large corporation.  He's been doing that for about 7 years, and before that he used to do a lot of different things.  He took a Computer Science degree, worked for awhile, took his MBA, worked for awhile.  In between he started a few businesses.

Dad is a tinkerer who is interested in almost anything.  He's especially interested in optimization, and most especially in human optimization.  Dad admittedly has too many hobbies!


Real Estate Investing:  Dad and Mom together have bought and sold over $2M in land and buildings.

Day-Trading:  Extremely volatile.  This makes Dad happy some days, sad others.

Angel Investor:  Dad invests in start-up high-technology businesses.

Aikido:  Dad is a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido.  Mom doesn't like this because it takes up too much time!

Marathoner:  Dad runs one or two marathons per year.  Mom also doesn't like this In the weeks before the marathon because it takes up too much time again.

Building Computers:  The household has six computers including a computer for Mom, one for Dad, one for the Kids, a media computer, and a server.  Dad wastes a lot of time fooling with computers.