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Heroine: Girl Defends Boy Against Bully

These girls are not good role models

I recently read Danielle Sullivan’s coverage of the Australian bully being handled by the now famous would-be-victim Casey Heynes. Opinions and commentary abound on the Internet about the two main players, but I’d like to expose the minor players -- including a heroine of a girl at the end who thwarted a potential second attacker.

Before the first punch, as the pint-sized bully starts threatening Casey, notice two girls within arms length of the attacker. They watch the fight develop, taking it in, being entertained. Neither speak or act, simply holding their rubbernecked gaze as Casey's face is blasted by a cannonball of a fist. Unbothered by this sudden violence, the girls stand with folded arms as though they were looking at dresses. It’s only when it looks like the fight might start taking up space that they decide to move away. Where did they go? Hopefully to tell a teacher, but more likely to a vantage point with less chance of blood spatter.




She's going to be a hero

After Casey, single-handledly, takes care of the bully we see that another girl has appeared in the background (the arrow). Casey is clearly panicked, having just been forced in injure someone in a fight he didn’t want. As the first bully struggles on the ground an accomplice takes his place.


Casey looks the second boy in the eye, doubt and fear evident in his face and body language. Thoughts probably flickering through his brain. “Will this next guy attack me too? Should I fight? I don’t want to fight. Please let this end.” Casey decides suddenly to disengage, turning his back, obviously wanting to end the incident. As Casey walks away it looks like the second boy has designs to continue the onslaught, and he might have gone for the blindside.


- except -



My heroine!

That wonderful, brave, heroic girl steps in without hesitation to push the attacker away, giving Casey a chance leave the scene. I was so disappointed at seeing those first two girls that I missed the heroine when I first viewed it. The second time my heart was lifted by the courage of that last girl. She risked her safety, having seen a viscous attack, yet she made the move her conscience demanded. She cared for another human and she did what she had to do to save him. She made a difference. Huge high five to her; I hope that me and my boys do that every time.


Here is the full video:


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Yes, the girl comes in to

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Yes, the girl comes in to save the day. And props to Casey for defending himself. And that little punk bully got what he deserved. I hope that taught him a valuable lesson. Leadve people alone. 

The two girls who left is an exact display of what happens too often in the world. People aren't willing step in and help their follow citizen. it's easy to shake this particular situatin off as "these are little girls", but I've seen big men to do the same thing. It's the tone of our society. Rarely are we willing to stand up for our fellow citizens. 

Thanks for sharing this. Great reminder that we still have upstanding citizens. We still have people who are willling to be couragous and help their fellow man. 

Very nice! Very nice!


I never noticed the girl in

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I never noticed the girl in the video either... nor did I notice the first girls.

However, we're taught to be polite and not get into other people's business. Even if that's someone dealing with a bully, or in distress. Few of us are taught how to handle crisis situations like this... and the only relatable experience we have is watching it play out on tv on some bad reality show. Thus, when the girls were staring at the situation, chances are they didn't know what to do, nor did they realize how quickly it would escalate. Maybe they didn't find it funny, but they also didn't want to, or didn't know how to help this kid. The bully got what he deserved, and hopefully learned a lesson. I'm just worried that lesson is pick on kids that are smaller than you, not ones that can clearly do serious injury to do when they flip out.

I never noticed the heroine

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I never noticed the heroine in this video either....thanks for pointing her out.  This was very disturbing to me...the bully and noting the girls watching it all unravel completely unfazed by it.  I feel I sometimes put my nose too much into what I overhear or see the other kids in my neighborhood doing and saying...maybe sometimes I do but I'd rather do that than nothing at all.  I hope to teach my boys that it's okay to stand up for what feels right (or not) when it comes to these kinds of unfortunate situations.  



That was so painful to watch.

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That was so painful to watch. I am shocked at those two girls - "looking at the bullying just like they were looking at dresses." How can they be so desensitized? That poor kid! It really pains me to watch this type of shit - bullying is just insidious, and what fascinates and confounds me are the bystanders who stand around and watch, like it's entertainment. Did you see the Teen Mom 2 recent fight? Those bystanders were - horrific. And her friends were pushing her to fight. Speaking of parenting, her MOM was goading her on, and she is a mother herself. Beyond belief.


I think most people are like

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I think most people are like the two bystanders in the video -- most people stand on the sidelines, and perhaps discuss among themselves (when they're safely away from the scene) about how awful it is. But when they're facing the scene, a sense of self-preservation takes over, and they hesitate to get involved for fear of being either physically hurt or socially ostracized. Cheers to the brave girl who stepped in!